A new way to track parts and control inventory, with Steve O'Brien from iBodyshop

 Editor Sam Street is on hosting this week with one of our favourite guests, Steve O’Brien: MD of DNS and iBodyshop who she caught up with at the brand new HQ in Melbourne.

Sam and Steve focus particularly on the new inventory function of iBodyshop… an absolute game changer. Think of how much time and money you could save if you had a proper log of all the parts you have lurking in your mezzanine, and a means to automatically order new ones when you run out. Listen to the show to find out how iBodyshop can help you do it.

In this week’s episode you will learn:

-How iBodyshop is improving teamwork with a new premises

-iBodyshop’s new inventory function

-How to control your consumables with iBodyshop

-How to solve the current industry problem of part supply

-How AI can auto-receipt invoices in 20 seconds

-The benefits of diversification

-“Custom fields” explained

 -How the smash repair industry is more advanced than many others when it comes to data management

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