It's just over a year ago that SpaceX successfully tested its massive Falcon Heavy rocket system for the first time and sent a Tesla Roadster, with a space suit wearing mannequin called Starman, into orbit around the Sun

Starman is somewhere just beyond the orbit of Mars, about 226,563,000 miles from Earth in an elliptical orbit around the Sun, which it is racing towards at nearly 10,000 mph, according to which tracks Starman’s location.

The car's warranty is for 36,000 miles, which Starman has exceeded by 13,183 times, or enough to drive over all of the world’s roads 21 times.

Remember when the kids drove you mad wanting the same song over and over? Spare a thought for poor Starman, he’s been listening to the same two songs ever since he took off. He’s listened to the David Bowie songs, Space Oddity and Is There Life on Mars, 99,519 times and 134,098 times, respectively

Its orbit around the sun will take about 557 days, and its expected to go for millions of years before eventually hitting Earth or Venus. The odds of it hitting Earth sometime in the next million years is about 6%, according to a review of a study last year by researchers at the University of Toronto. They said Venus had a 2.5% chance of being hit in the same time frame.

They also found that Starman will make a pretty close fly-by of Earth in 2091 when it will come as close as a few hundred thousand kilometers to the Earth.

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