AMA Group has appointed Craig Hogan as Executive General Manager – Non-Drive for AMA Group, following Campbell Jones’resignation from the role. 

Hogan joins AMA Group from Illinois Tool Works, where he was the group president – Construction Asia Pacific. He led the group through a transformation and delivered seven years of sustained revenue and profit growth. Supported by his background in consulting, Hogan has a strong track record of strategic planning and execution in industrial and manufacturing businesses including United Technologies’ Carrier HVAC business and HJ Heinz Europe.

Jones supported Hogan in the transition before leaving the business at the end of April.

Jones joined ACM Parts in 2018. He became part of the AMA Group when ACM Parts was acquired in 2019, before being promoted to CEO of AMA Group’s Auto Parts and Accessory Solutions division. In July 2021, Campbell took on the role of EGM Non-Drive.

AMA Group thanks Jones for his contributions and welcomes Hogan to the Group.

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