Motors & Masterpieces is gearing up to make its debut at the iconic Melbourne Showgrounds from November 22-24, 2024.

Curated by the team behind the renowned Motorclassica event, the festival promises to be a celebration of the pinnacle of design and engineering achievements in the automotive age.

The showcase is set to chart the history of the motor vehicle from its earliest days and into the future, with over 300 cars and motorcycles to be displayed around six distinct themes that reflect significant evolutionary stages and cultural settings for man and the machine.

Included in this mix will be some of the most beautiful and historically significant examples gathered from Australia and abroad, with the exhibits competing for prestigious Best of Show honours.

In addition to the curated selection, the celebration will feature an extensive array of vehicles, totalling in the hundreds, creating a mesmerising spectacle that promises to captivate visitors, showcasing the diverse and ever-evolving world of automotive innovation.

For Motors & Masterpieces, the Melbourne Showgrounds provides the ideal setting for the event, with its range of indoor and outdoor spaces complimented by easy access and parking.

“Motorcars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles are one of the major technical innovations of all time, redefining societies all over the world, including how we live, work and play,” said Mark Jansen, Chief Curator.

“In addition to its utility value, the motorcar has also become an outlet for artistic expression and an enabler of cultural movements, from the streets of London or Milan to the beaches of Southern California; it is a symbol of civilisation.

“Through Motors & Masterpieces, we will tell this story with some of the most desirable vehicles ever gathered in Australia, with the entire festival promising to be a highlight of our motoring calendar.

“Our aim is to give automotive lovers a truly unique opportunity to see an outstanding collection of vehicles in one location, with each example a true masterpiece.”

Another feature of the festivities will be the Motors & Masterpieces Art and Photography Prizes, providing a platform for Australia’s leading and budding artists and photographers to display their works in front of a passionate public audience.

The Motors and Masterpieces website is now live and entries are now open.

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