Len Hollis Repair Facility in Sydney recently became a member of the Car Craft Group.

Managing director Darren Meyers told Paint & Panel: “I was approached and asked to join the NSW organisation, I was honored to be invited to join the group as I knew that members are appointed through an invitation only process. 

 “Before joining I researched the benefits for myself and, as a business owner, from my view Car Craft recognises quality businesses and appoints trusted repairers that understand the need to provide quality work. This provides the group with repairers whom they trust will deliver high quality customer service. I like their mindset and the group's vision with training and technology, with unity in a group of focused repairers who have longevity in mind for the industry”. 

“Car Craft provides a long-term quality national brand that has emphasis with suppliers and insurers within the industry due to its ethics. Every person that signs up with Car Craft in the group is an independent repairer and owns their business, which makes Car Craft a strong and sustainable model in my opinion” Meyer said. 

"When attending the meetings, I discovered that there is a lot more to the group. Joining and being a part of Car Craft provides me with many benefits that align with my personal values, particularly given the consolidation taking place in the industry.

"There’s a lot more to Car Craft than I initially thought and it offers many benefits that you can't access as an independent outside the group. I believe the group will become stronger, particularly when it gains an even larger national presence, which is just a matter of time thanks to the addition of right people for the organisation," Myer said.


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