IAG today released its sixth Quality Report, the insurance industry’s only report that provides annual data on motor and property repair standards.

The Quality Report provides an insight into the monitoring, assessment and quality repair standards across IAG’s nation-wide property and motor repair network.

In 2017-18 IAG undertook more than 440,000 motor vehicle repair assessments and completed 54,108 quality inspections (43,478 in 2016-2017). Potential quality issues were identified in approximately 4% of inspections (0.51% in 2016-2017) and potential safety issues in 0.07% (0.05% in 2016-2017) of inspections. Where an issue was identified during an inspection, IAG worked with repairers to rectify them. This year the quality issue percentage come from the number of vehicles inspected, in previous years the percentage was obtained from the number of vehicles repaired.

IAG Executive General Manager of Short Tail Claims, Steve Fitzpatrick, said the report reflects the importance IAG places on delivering safe, quality repairs and great customer service.

“In the past year we completed more than 60,000 quality inspections across our motor and property repairs,” Fitzpatrick said.

“In the motor vehicle industry, the increased use of advanced technology is making the modern vehicle not only safer but smarter. We’re focused on ensuring our assessors and partners continue to build their knowledge, keep up to date with the latest technology and are suitably trained.

“At the same time, we want to provide our customers with the best possible experience and the peace of mind that their vehicle is being repaired to the highest possible standard through our National Metropolitan and Rural Partner Network.

“This latest IAG Quality Report reflects our dedication to quality repairs, continued improvement and leading industry initiatives across the Motor and Property portfolios, to ultimately meet IAG’s purpose – we make your world a safer place.”

For the sixth consecutive year, IAG achieved an I-CAR Gold Class Insurance Certification.

To achieve the certification at the corporate level, 60% of an insurer’s assessing staff must achieve Platinum status. IAG currently has over 90% of its assessing staff accredited at the I-CAR Platinum status.



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