First, it was Facebook, then Instagram and now, we've well and truly cemented ourselves as social media butterflies, launching on professional networking platform LinkedIn.

We know it can be tricky keeping on top of all the different platforms out there, but trust us, there is real value in promoting your business in LinkedIn as well as connecting with us and other collision repairers out there.

Last month I spoke to Marketing Talk founder Sherryn McBride on the benefits bodyshops can glean from being active on Facebook and Instagram and what I discovered is that when it comes to promoting business, LinkedIn now stands as the third pillar for drumming up business.

McBride is no stranger to the industry, she has provided social media training to repairers in Western Australia, such as Wayne Phipps Smash and she says that LinkedIn isn't just a tool of the trade, it's vital to the future.

"Every business person today should have a personal LinkedIn page to brand themselves, the business, nurture connections and to prospect respectfully.

"LinkedIn is the best B2B platform if your bodyshop does business with other businesses.

"LinkedIn is not your CV online, it is your back story."

So what can you expect from us on LinkedIn?

We will be using the platform to connect with your business, find out what you're doing, share important information relevant to your business and of course, share content that amuses, bewilders and inspires us from across the industry.

A quick search on the site shows that a lot of you are already using the platform and this is our call to you to make sure you remain active on LinkedIn.

For those of you who aren't signed up, don't get left behind.

It's free and incredibly easy to navigate.

You never know what opportunities you might miss out on otherwise.

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