The skills shortage can only be addressed by bringing on more apprentices - but many business owners have tried and failed. They say that you can't find the right kind of kids any more and often that they've invested time in an apprentice only to have them flake out before they are qualified. For many, taking on apprentices is firmly in the 'too hard basket'.

Listen here.

Do you find apprentice recruitment a nightmare? It takes a really special organisation to successfully recruit, mentor and manage apprentices… wouldn’t it be so much easier to outsource it? 

On this episode of The Edge, Paint & Panel's weekly podcast, we have a great chat with a client who outsourced his apprentice recruitment and never looked back. We also speak to the man who has helped him take on five successful apprentices.

David Iacobucci is the Director of DSI Panels in Victoria - a man who started his own apprenticeship with his father in 1999, before eventually buying out his parents and growing the business himself. Having originally been a doubter, he has now been converted into an apprentice champion by the excellent Joe Scollo and his company Squad. 

If you want to know how easy it is to build a successful recruiting partnership, just listen to how these guys did it.

In this week’s episode you will learn:

  • The value of a good external recruiter
  • What a company like Squad can do to help a collision repair business
  • The importance of pre-screening/vetting
  • Why some apprentices might fail
  • How to make apprentices feel they’re part of the family
  • Real-life examples of apprentices who have been good fits
  • Why personality is often more important than skillset
  • Apprentice mentoring
  • Performance improvement plans


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