A prankster in Montreal, Canada has duped local authorities after creating a car made out of snow.

Montrealer Simon Laprise, a 33-year-old machinist and woodworker created the car as an overnight art project.

According to BuzzFeed, Laprise decided he would see if he could fool the local snow removalists but instead attracted the police.

"I am passionate about building and designing stuff," Laprise told BuzzFeed Canada.

"I did the car to have fun expressing my creativity on that beautiful day. It's illegal to park on the road during snow removal, and that's what probably attracted the police.”

Laprise uploaded photos to Facebook of the police investigating the vehicle.

One officer got out of his car to take a closer look at the snowmobile. After realising a fake car can't be given a real ticket the officer left a fake ticket of his own.

The ticket read, “you made our night.”

Image: Simon Laprise - Facebook

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