It’s really important to know how our industry is doing as a whole, and it’s also great to compare the Aussie market to other markets around the world. So this week we welcome back onto the show David Cresswell: the man behind the Auto Body Professionals Club in the UK who preside over the bible of industry data, the ABP Yearbook. 

His 2,500-member club includes body shop groups, independents, insurers, parts manufacturers, distributors and vehicle manufacturers, so he really does have the whole picture of what’s going on across the pond, and it’s surprisingly similar to what we’re dealing with over here at the moment.

Listen to the show to get up to speed!

In this week’s episode you will learn:

-The main business threats the UK industry faces

-The synergy between the UK and Aussie industry

-The dangers of an ageing workforce

-The shortage of skilled labour

-How the UK is surviving post-Covid

-Why body shops should stand up to insurance companies on price

-The encouraging signs for the UK industry

-Is profitability improving in the UK?

-How low labour rates are skewing the market


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