Harley-Davidsons are all about individuality and lifestyle. In fact, says Mark Walker, it’s the only motorcycle brand that offers the full lifestyle experience – you can even buy Harley-Davidson undies! Through his business, Queensland Motorcycle Panel & Paint, Mark offers Harley owners the opportunity to create an even more distinctive bike via a custom paint job and, it has proven so popular, his services are booked out months in advance. 

Although I do a little bit of smash repair, the majority of my work is custom paint on new Harleys. Mostly work with a network of genuine Harley dealerships to support customers who order a new bike and want something unique. I liaise directly with the customer to get some direction on what they want and then I work out a design and colour scheme for them. It’s about being individual but a good custom paint job is also a cost-effective investment given the impact you get from it.” 

The Queensland Motorcycle Panel & Paint workshop has been deliberately set up to give the feel of paint studio crossed with a Harley-Davidson workshopWhether it’s smash repair or custom paint, Walker chooses to use PPG and, in particular, the Vibrance Collection range which contains an incredible selection of easy to use special effects finishes. 

“Using PPG is a no brainer and a great marketing tool for my business because I am using the same paint brand that Harley-Davidson uses on its production line. Compared with every other brand, PPG has a big range and for custom paint it’s the best out there with the Vibrance Collection. After being in the motorcycle repair industry for 35 years and 25 years in my own business, I have used a lot of different paint systems over the years and the Vibrance Collection is the only system where one brand does everything – for flames and graphics to metal flakes and (Radiance II) Candys. I believe PPG is leaps and bounds ahead of the others, especially for Harleys. Best of all, when my customers see the end result, they just go ‘Wow!’. 

Now with a range of specialist primers and a clearcoat, there is everything you need to bring any project to life by staying within one paint system. For more information click here.




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