Paint & Panel is offering two repair businesses the chance to win a business coaching package value at $9500 and more!.

This will be the third time Paint & Panel has orchestrated a business transformation for a collision repairer. The first was back in 2014 with Californian Smash Repairs in Sydney, the second was in 2019 with East Coast Paint & Panel in Cairns – will you be next?

The results for Mark Debono and Cara Lewis of East Coast Paint & Panel have been remarkable with a huge increase in profit and business efficiencies. The couple worked with business coach Ben Fewtrell from MaxMyProfit and benefited from extra attention from their suppliers throughout the program. Their progress was reported through this magazine and online.

Lewis said: “Mark and I would like to thank you sincerely for the opportunity to work with Paint & Panel during 2019. One of the main benefits our business enjoyed was exposure in the industry, which has led to some amazing networking. We also have continued the business coaching with MaxMyProfit, working with our business coach Simon has given us so much more direction and support than we could have imagined. Mark is one course off being I-Car certified. Ibodyshop has also proved invaluable to the business, as well as all the connections we made by joining Car Craft. Although we have always had confidence in ourselves as a business, the added support and encouragement from multiple areas of the industry has been amazing. 2019 was an absolute whirlwind for us, and we are both so grateful to everyone involved.”

What’s on offer?

Firstly, six months of business coaching from MaxMyProfit worth $9,500. Your business will get plenty of exposure to the whole industry via the magazine and our digital channels. We will source industry experts to help you improve your business aside from the business coaching.

What’s expected

We’re looking for hard workers that want to take their business to the next level. You must be prepared to implement advice and potentially change the way you work and run your team. You must be prepared to be photographed and to make the odd video diary about your progress.

How do I put my hand up?

Send us an email by 24 February 2021 ( with the subject line Business Transformation telling us why we should choose your business. Tell us what you would hope to achieve and what your short and long term business plans are. Are you going to for an OEM approval, looking to specialise or diversify – the more detail the better. Good luck.

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