• Basil and Aaron Scagliotta
    Basil and Aaron Scagliotta

Gino’s Panel and Paint hosted a live demonstration in its South Fremantle workshop last month, to showcase to the WA  industry new painting and curing applications from Sikkens and Tesla Cure.

Perth panel beaters understand the importance of new technologies to increase speed and efficiency, while maintaining low energy consumption, as these are crucial aspects of delivering a quality and cost-effective service.

AkzoNobel’s Katia Gridina hosted the demonstration event of what is now known as the world’s fastest rapid repair process, showcasing the TeslaCure R100 with Sikkens Autosurfacer UV primer.

The combination of the Sikkens Autosurfacer UV primer and the TeslaCure R100 lamp has been globally recognised as the fastest combination of product and UV curing. Although the TeslaCure lamp can work with other paint products, the fastest results were obtained in combination with Sikkens Autosurfacer UV primer. This primer is ready to use and has an unlimited pot life, and saves time while achieving amazing results.

Gino's Aaron Scagliotta said:" When I first heard about this system I thought how much quicker could it be? I've got all my Symach arches already drying paint fast. When I saw it in action at the last Collision Repair Expo I was blown away. They gave me the chance to try it out in my own shop afterwards and I'm addicted. It's an amazing product and on rapid repairs I use this primer exclusively and it's had a significant impact on my throughput.

"I was happy to host the information night and it was an opportunity for AkzoNobel to to demonstrate in a real bodyshop rather than in a training centre. The repairers who attended could see that if they wanted to get into rapid repair then this system can help without having to invest in a load of high tech equipment."

The Sikkens products enable panel technicians  to work more efficiently and cut down on labour and energy cost, and only requires 30-120 seconds of UV-A LED exposure to fully cure, and can be sanded directly after curing.

Luke Coupar, a technical specialist from Sikkens, demonstrated to the WA panel beating industry how these new products can reduce wait times and increase efficiency with a live walk-through of the process.

Attendees of the live demonstration had the chance to rub, sand and feel the cured guards as they went through each step of the process, discussing and comparing techniques as they went.

Scagliotta said: "Gino’s Panel and Paint is proud to be the first WA auto body shop to embrace this technology and share their experience with the industry. Attendees found the live demonstration extremely informative, and a lucky door prize recipient won the Sikkens Autosurfacer UV primer and a TeslaCure Lamp for their own."




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