Geelong Smash Repairs in Victoria has recently joined the Car Craft network. For owner Paul McAuliffe running a successful business is all about learning from the past, but focusing on positioning for the future.

He hasn’t been shy in investing his business. When asked what’s new, McAuliffe says: "We hope to be off the grid this summer,” following a substantial investment in solar panels.


With a strong view on servicing OEM’s, Geelong Smash Repairs has already been endorsed by Suzuki and Volkswagen as a preferred repairer. With a wink McAuliffe also says, “and I’m after a few more.”


With forward focusing also comes the recognition that you need the correct equipment for modern vehicle structures. With a bank of welders, riveters and bounding equipment that would be the envy of any shop, McAuliffe is confident in staying on point with state-of-the-art repair techniques. “I’m pretty sure we have one of Australia’s first dedicated carbon and aluminium repair cells," he said, which allows him to work safely on the many luxury vehicles his customers bring to him for repairs. 


When asked why he got on board with Car Craft, McAuliffe’s answer is simple. “You have to look at where the industry is trending, getting on board with a growing network that lets you remain in charge of you own business makes sense. Bringing group advantages to an independent business will help us maintain our presence in an industry that continues to go through change. We don’t want to re-brand or pay ongoing fees. The self-funding Car Craft model means only having to pay an initial membership fee. With plenty of interesting and exclusive business offerings Car Craft allows us the freedom to select the things they offer that I believe can help our business move forward.”


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