Despite ‘white’ continuing its clear lead as the planet’s most popular automotive colour, PPG’s 2019 automotive colour trends shows that blue is on the rise. Holding a steady 8% of the total global colour popularity datablue reflects consumers’ desire for adventure, relaxation and reliability. With blue’s popularity anticipated to increase in the next four years, it’s set to offer many distinctive shades that can be transformed with different pigment effects, fine or coarse metallic flakes, luminous micas and sparkling glass flakes. Chromatic blues with slight red or green undertones are already appearing across the automotive market and will continue to evolve over the coming years.  

“Now more than ever, consumers have a desire to make a statement – whether it be through their colour choices or the brands they buy,” said Jane Harrington, PPG Manager, Colour Styling, Automotive OEM Coatings. “We see bolder colours making a comeback in many consumer segments. The versatility of automotive blues – from light sky blue to rich indigo – allows consumers to make a statement, while also ensuring the colour maintains a certain level of practicality.”  

Consumers are not just choosing blue for cars, they are also gravitating toward the colour in their homes, electronics and automotive accents, says Dee Schlotter, Senior Colour Marketing Manager, PPG Paint Brand“The need for simplicity and escapism from technology is, in part, the reason that consumers are craving blues that bring us closer to natural elements such as the sea and sky – elements that represent peace and serenity.”  

PPG’s colour stylists (there are more than 20 globally) specialise in a wide range of industries that include consumer electronics, architectural, automotive and aerospace. Through close collaboration, these PPG experts are able to study consumer mindsets, building material trends, wellness preferences and more, to create accurate colour forecasts that are reflective of current consumer attitudes and spans cultures, regions and markets.  

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