Axalta has been involved with the Australian government’s LAND 121 Phase 3B Defence Programme for the past five years, supporting repairers to maintain military assets. During that time Axalta has established strong partnerships with customers such as Nathan’s Truck and Trailer Smash Repairs, to ensure all communities can prosper from the Defence programme to support ongoing maintenance of all military assets.

Over the years Nathan’s Truck and Trailer Smash Repairs in Mulgrave, New South Wales, has gained a strong reputation regarding coating and refinishing of large scale equipment, making them highly suited to repair and refinish of all types of military equipment.

In order for Nathan’s to tackle any asset that will be brought to them under LAND 121 Phase 3B Defence Programme they were mentored and trained by specialised Axalta military technical consultants to ensure correct product and process selection of Axalta’s Near Infrared Reflective (NIRR) Coatings.

These coatings were developed in conjunction with the Australian Department of Defence and are designed to reduce detection to surveillance and seeker systems without impairing the visual camouflage characteristics, maximising soldier survivability and combat strengths.
“Nathan’s is committed to using the very best quality products from local suppliers, such as Axalta, in order to deliver uniquely superior final products to our customers,” explained Michelle Nathan, Nathan’s Military Program Manager. “The ADF recommended paint supplied to us from Axalta was extremely complex in its requirements. The near-infrared coatings are designed to provide reflective properties needed to reduce the surface temperature, lower the mechanical stress, as well as being durable and weather-resistant. This required specialised support and hands-on training with our paint staff by Axalta’s military technical consultants.”

Axalta has made significant inroads in the delivery of critical product to the defence sector, whose added strength comes from the successful partnership they have with their customers to deliver coatings and painting services for each of the tactical vehicles and equipment being used by the Australian Army.

“Axalta’s team is skilled in the correct application methods, especially regarding such advanced paint technology that is designed to withstand elements commonly associated with combat conditions. Axalta’s coatings and support were incredible, ensuring that Nathan’s can deliver high quality turnkey solutions to the Australian Defence Force on time and to the highest standards,” said Nathan.

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