A motorist who had a not a fault accident contacted her insurer Youi when she was having trouble claiming through the third party's policy.

The motorist claims that Youi 'forced' her to claim through her policy and that she didn't want to make a claim when she wasn't at fault and then have to pay more for her policy at renewal time. She says if Youi had told her that her premium would go up that she would not have made the claim. 

Youi told her that it could only handle the matter if she lodged a claim and said there were “numerous parameters” which affected premium costs, one of which was filing a claim - the company waived the excess and provided a free hire car while the repair was carried out. 

The complainant wanted the claim record removed and her policy premium adjusted. If not then she was seeking $4,000 in compensation for the insurer’s handling of the matter.

The insurer admitted that the claim caused the premium to increase by 8% but said other factors also contributed to the overall rise. AFCA said Youi had the commercial liberty to set the level of its premiums and that there was no evidence to show the increase was disproportionate or unreasonable.

AFCA said that the insurer had acted appropriately and said the claimant was not obliged to renew the policy with her insurer if she had concerns over premium costs and ruled that Youi was not required to delete the claim from its record.


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