Damian Caddies, general manager at Col Summerhayes Crash repair in Townsville, Queensland has announced that the company has set up its own calibration centre.

"Having been a part of manufacturer approved repairer programs since 2014 we have watched the progression of technology move from the standard clear codes and wave a happy customer goodbye to the need for hi-tech recalibration to ensure customer's ADAS systems work the way the OEMs intended," Caddies said.

"Over the past five years we have been towing vehicles from our prestige shop to dealers post repair for calibrations which has been blowing our key to key times and hurting cashflow.

"Over the past two years our general smash shop has been having to tow cars to dealers for post repair calibrations as the ADAS technology has filtered into more mainstream vehicles.

"We identified a need for a dedicated calibration centre that was focused on this task only, to give same day turnarounds on calibrations," he said.

Parent company Autobody Group has three repair facilities in the group, two in Townsville. Caddies reports that the ADAS centre has been operational for a month now and is going well with six local repair business on board keeping the technicians busy fulll time. The group recently held an open night, you can see the pictures from this above.

More information on the service can be found HERE



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