Capricorn Society, Australia and New Zealand’s largest automotive aftermarket member organisation, has kicked off its celebrations to mark 50 years since the cooperative was first registered.

Themed ’50 Years Strong’ the celebration features stories from all different people in the Capricorn community.

Capricorn was formed in 1974 by 17 Golden Fleece service station owners who met at a training session and decided to form a buying group with the common goal of buying cheaper parts. Now 50 years later, Capricorn has over 28,000 Members and 2,000 preferred suppliers across Australia and New Zealand.

Capricorn Group CEO David Fraser says this anniversary pays tribute to everyone who has supported the organisation over the past 50 years.

“50 Years Strong is about our Members, our Preferred Suppliers, our team and everyone in the wider Capricorn community who has been a part of the journey,” Fraser says.

“Capricorn has created a community within the automotive industry that extends beyond business relationships.

“As part of the celebrations, I’ve had the opportunity to reminisce about the good times, but also the challenges the community has faced. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and reflect on the role of Capricorn. We’ve never lost sight of our purpose, why we exist, why we started.

“We’re here to help and support members to be stronger businesses, to be more sustainable. The vision of the original 17 remains as Capricorn’s purpose today, a commitment to working together and understanding the benefit of strength in numbers,” he says.

50 Years Strong is all about the people who share this commitment and dedication, from the local mechanic member to large nation-wide preferred suppliers and the employees on the road or in the office. Capricorn’s success is an achievement for all those in the industry.

Meet the people who make up Capricorn by exploring its 50 Years Strong stories, which include:

  • Frank O’Connor, the inaugural General Manager of Capricorn, was one of the people interviewed as part of the 50 Year Strong celebrations. In his video, Frank tells the story of Capricorn’s humble beginnings.
  • Rex Goodchild, a Capricorn Member and Preferred Supplier since 1986, tells Capricorn about how much it means to be part of the Capricorn community
  • Stuart Charity, CEO of the AAAA, tells us how Capricorn and the AAAA have spent decades working together to benefit the whole automotive industry.

Visit to find these stories and many more plus keep an eye on Facebook and LinkedIn to meet those who make up the Capricorn community and help us celebrate 50 Years Strong.

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