Sales for its hybrid vehicles just hit 9,000,000 - and the company has revealed its fuel saving figures.

Enhanced safety measures and stronger laws have reduced deaths on the road significantly over the past 30 years.

Counterfeit car parts seized in Australia over the past two years have an estimated value of $550,000.

A free recruitment website with a bias towards attracting new talent to the industry.

Spray Painters Australia is raising money to bring over one of their followers from Ghana.

Owner Gavin Stuart is experimenting with different ways for tradespeople to work together to achieve volume and quality.

Two insurers tied in taking out the top award for outstanding value.

The auto parts retailer is recording positive growth since its inception into Perth last year.

It includes two brand new sections on education as well as local and global compliance standards.

The development of self-driving vehicles is speeding up, but how many people will lose their livelihoods?

The collaboration will see Chrysler and Google build and test a fleet of 100 autonomous minivans.

A family run business in Victoria managed to take out not one, but two winning titles.

Introducing its "shooting brake" concept of the 86 sports car model.

The company is targeting China as a major point of focus in colour innovation.

The business has become the third repair shop to join Car Craft in nation's capital.