AMA releases its first half 2017 results. "We can basically do all of our work nationally for cost and still make a 10% margin," said CEO Ray Malone.

Editor's rant on 'cutting edge' research which shows customers buy insurance on price and don't understand the PDS and exclusions.

Insurance profit is down 6.4 per cent and IAG expects to face continued claim cost pressures.

With two Senate enquires into the insurance industry underway the Insurance Council of Australia thinks now is the time to review its Code.

According to recent figures from the NMVTRC, 347 vehicles are stolen every week in the state of Victoria, 97 of which are never recovered.

A man in the NT has demonstrated that there is more than one use for the humble pair of thongs.

The new update has been produced to include trading zones to make it easier for Capricorn Members to locate relevant suppliers.

Marrickville Prestige Smash Repairs' Filipino workers talk through the differences between working overseas and working in Australia.

These new dummies have been designed with one question in mind - do you want fries with that?

A recent survey of CEOs in the industry revealed strong concerns regarding the future of insurance.

Car-O-Liner's digital overhaul includes an 'Aussie as' website and Facebook page.

Insurance profit increased 42.5% to $369 million thanks to top-line growth, lower claims costs and disciplined expense management says report.

We have a great line up for Next Gen - come and join us in Melbourne just in time for the Expo.

Innovate or detonate is the theme of MTA Queensland's symposium on 7 March.

The currency of trust is this year's theme - a prickly one in the collision repair industry.