The symposium will be held at the Hydro Majestic Hotel, Blue Mountains, New South Wales on 8-11 March 2016.

Nissan will draw on the materials used in the motorsport and aerospace industries including the materials used in space travel.

Bears is now in Bathurst.

Aelect I-CAR courses to meet the requirements for AUR32112 and AUR32412 training packages for apprentices will be delivered at Hunter TAFE

Brilliant blue is a mid-shade blue that has both depth and vividness with slight turquoise highlights.

Motor Trades Plus is a product tailored to the repair and service automotive sectors.

A successful marketing strategy can be the difference between a thriving business and one that is just scraping by.

A fundraising holiday for people who own a four wheel drive and know that doesn't mean it just has four wheels.

Symach expands into larger premises in Bologna, Italy

Gary Wood takes on new role at I-CAR.

New colours can be accessed on smart phones.

This will be the industry's last chance to have a say and be heard says Williams.

ACM donates bonnets for PDR students to practice on.

This year’s theme is ‘changing future landscapes’ and few organisations are as well placed to cover this as Google.

Soccer and classic cars are combined in this year's calendar.