Let’s talk bonding with 3M's  George Di Scala. How a body shop understands bonding products is absolutely fundamental to the repair procedure. You can’t do good work if you don’t understand what you’re working with.

Joining Ben Fewtrell this week is George Di Scala - Application Engineering Specialist from 3M. Across three decades, George has been the main man overseeing the New Zealand and Australia markets, so he really knows what it takes for collision repairers to utilise his products in order to return vehicles in OEM condition. That’s why we do what we do... right? After half an hour listening to George, we’ll all know how to do it better.


In this week’s episode you will learn:

-How technology is changing the manufacturing process

-How OEMs are responding to environmental issues

-How 3M works with OEMs to develop specific products

-Why vehicles are lighter these days

-The 3M product-development process

-The importance of feedback to 3M

-Is it true that Australia is a harsher environment for 3M products?

-The importance of technicians knowing the proper repair procedure

-Where the assessors come into it

-How to restore a vehicle to its original safety rating

-What 3M can do to train body shops


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