‘ A different breed of insurance’, is how Aussie insurer Blue Zebra describes itself. I spoke to Managing Director Colin Fagen who along with CEO Blair Nicholls  teamed up to establish the underwriting agency, which is backed by Zurich. Both were previously senior execs with QBE.

The insurtech platform uses smart technology, Big Data and product bundling in home, motor and landlord insurance. Blue Zebra says it will make personal lines efficient for brokers again, and tackle the “advice deficit” in Australia. Having witnessed for years the catastrophic effects of people being uninsured, Fagen and Nicholls are passionate advocates of brokers who can give proper advice about adequate coverage. "Very often customers have no idea what they are signing," Fagen  said.

On the motor insurance side of the business the company has a preferred repairer network through Hello Claims. Blue Zebra believes in choice of repairer and doesn't charge anything extra for it. If customers use their preferred repairer then they receive a reduction in their excess. 

Where Blue Zebra sees its strength is that unlike most of the major insurers who are mutli-brand with multi-distribution channels it partners with a single channel. In its first 15 months of operation it collected over $100,000, 000in premiums and handled over 4,000 claims.

Fagen believes that for autobody repairers who already have a relationship with an insurance broker, there are mutually beneficial opportunities to promote the brand.

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