Now I was a bit annoyed when I parked up for lunch and came back and my car was covered in ants - a few of which found their way inside, but I'm not complaining now. 

According to a story in the New York Times a man went into a food shop, returned to his car, placed his shopping inside the car and drove away. He then noticed something was amiss. He called 911 and very luckily for him one of the firemen  was an amateur beekeeper. Though he was off duty at the time fireman Jesse Johnson arrived with all the kit needed to transfer the bees into a more suitable hive.

Johnson told the Times that bee colonies will often split in springtime, with a swarm following a queen to search for a new home. Apparently, the partially open window of a 1982-96 Buick Century looked like an inviting, perhaps temporary, location as the bees relocated. Johnson removed 3.5 pounds' (1.58KG) worth of bees in a span of less than a half hour. He is rehabitating the bees at his homeand fortunately only a couple of people attending were stung.

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