Axalta has been awarded with the green pillar world excellence award by Ford Motor Company as part of its 20th annual world excellence awards.

The award recognised Axalta's leadership in coating sustainability and also acknowledged the brand's commitment to excellence in quality, delivery, value and innovation.

Axalta executive vice president Steven Markevich said that Axalta would continue to work with suppliers to be sustainable both environmentally and socially.

“At Axalta, we believe sustainability is not only about environmentally responsible manufacturing and products, but it's also about working with suppliers that share our values to operate ethically and sustain the communities where they do business.

“We're committed to transparency and addressing risk in our supply chain which benefit the reputation of our business partners as well as the communities affected by our purchases.”

Ford Motor Company executive vice president, product development Hau Thai-Tang said that the awards were developed to recognise the achievements of Ford's partners and suppliers.

“Our world excellence awards recognise the outstanding achievements of Ford Motor Company's top-performing suppliers around the world.

“Suppliers like Axalta are key to Ford's continued success as we work towards our goal of becoming the world's most trusted mobility company.”

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