Since the opening ribbon was cut back in December, the Auto Innovation Centre (AIC) has been turning heads thanks to its specialised industry focus and customised service offerings.  

Already many companies in the Australian automotive aftermarket industry have been impressed by the Centre’s state-of-the-art facilities and the unrivalled role it can play in their product development activities 

“We are a very focused team and the Centre has been designed from the ground up to help the Australian Automotive Aftermarket industry,” AIC Managing Director, Luke Truskinger, explained.  

Our team has a broad range of experience in both the aftermarket and OEM automotive sectors, and this allows us to offer tailored and unique advice to those utilising our services 

While the AIC is wholly-owned by and co-located with the AAAA, being a separate, independently-functioning business entity provides benefits to the entire Aftermarket industry 

Our mission and ability to represent the industry as a whole allows us the unique opportunity to collaborate and gain traction (and all-important vehicle access) with OEMs.”  

 From access to vehicles to the use of the workshop for test fitting; 3D scanning and post processing; 3D printing; dynamic vehicle testing and ADAS calibration; the AIC boasts a comprehensive service offering to its clientele.  


Vehicle access 

 One of our points of difference is that we acquire vehicles which are then made available for companies to rent for the purpose of product development either on or off site,” Truskinger said.   

 “Access to vehicles is a real challenge for many companies because they can’t justify the expense of sourcing them; and while commercial rentals can be a stop-gap this is far from ideal and usuallyit is not permitted to conduct product development on hire cars. 

 A fully-equipped workshop  

Thanks to the collective expertise of the industry, we have been able to fit out our workshop to make sure that virtually anything that could be done on a car, can be done here at the AIC,” Truskinger said.  

Alongside a fully-fledged fabrication workshop which boasts Burson Auto Parts-supplied Hunter Equipment hoists, tyre changers and tyre balancers, as well as a full complement of Repco hand tools and Milwaukee power tools, the AIC boasts a long and varied list of precision equipment. 


3D scanning, post-processing and printing technology  


“Having highly detailed and accurate 3D scan data is vital. In recognition of this, we have invested in two types of 3D scanning technologies, with each scanner performing a different function,” Truskinger said.  

This means we have the ability to scan entire vehicles, chassis and mechanical components as well as other items. This is thanks to metrology grade scanners which offer some of the highest possible accuracy available and produce data which exceeds the expectations of our customers.  

Of course we all know scan data itself is not overly useful unless it is post-processed well, so the AIC has a number of post-processing programs which allow us to produce surface and solid models to suit the customer’s chosen usage and CAD programs.” 


Dynamic Vehicle Testing and ADAS Calibration   


“We are proud to offer dynamic vehicle testing services with a range of specialised equipment including a steering robot, inertial measurement units, GPS positioning technology, force transducers and data logging equipment,” Truskinger said.  

With the widespread introduction of cameras and radars into new vehicles, it is also exceptionally important that we are able to support the industry to best understand the operation and performance of that technology and the impact after accessorising. 

As such we are thankful for our partnership with AIC sponsors Bosch and Hella Gutmann Solutions, which allow us to offer a full complement of ADAS calibration equipment.  


Training facility

The Centre also boasts a fully-fitted out training facility which can now be used for training courses, seminars, networking events and more (pending any physical contact restrictions); and a number of other exciting services are set to come to the AIC during the third quarter of 2020, including:  


  • A hydraulic test facility  

  • Vibration testing  

  • Tensile/compression testing    

  • Damper Dynamometer 


For more information on the AIC,  visit   



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