• The 1996 Holden HSV GTSR.
    The 1996 Holden HSV GTSR.
  • The non-fungible token Ford GTHO artwork.
    The non-fungible token Ford GTHO artwork.
  • HSV W1 Ute.
    HSV W1 Ute.

Lloyds Auctions have been releasing an details of its recent car auction and some of the prices being paid are staggering. If you've been undertaking restorations during lockdown conditions - make sure you are chaging enough becuase many collectable car owners are making and paying a motza.

A Yellow Glo, Ford GTHO Phase III Falcon broke a world auction record for the most expensive road registerable Australian classic, selling under the hammer for $1.3 million. A 1996 Holden HSV VS GTSR BUILD #001 in XU3 Yellah sold for a whopping $1 million under the hammer whilst a HSV GTSR W1 4 Door Build #017 sold to a Holden enthusiast for $750,000.

A HSV GTSR W1 Maloo Ute reached a hammer price of $1,250,000 but went into negotiations expected to sell in the coming days.

With the vehicle accepting online bids for nearly two weeks prior on the Lloyds Auctions website the bids fiercely roared from $800,000 onwards igniting the competition between bidders.

The auction company's Chief Operating Officer was not surprised by the numbers as the interest had been strong leading up to the sale, “the Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III receives so much attention because it is the pinnacle of Australian muscle cars and has consistently held its value over its lifespan since its release in 1971, so they attract bidders including enthusiasts, collectors as well as investors,” said COO Lee Hames.

Not only was there the opportunity for bidders to purchase this rare Phase III in Yellow Glo but they also could purchase the ‘digital verified NFT’ art model of the exact same vehicle that come with some enticing benefits. "This blockchain Classic Car model of this exact Phase III followed directly after its sale selling for over $50,000,” continued Hames.

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