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What does the future hold in terms of the types and structure of training and qualifications given the rapid pace of change in jobs and the future of work? Find out at LIVE.

Is this approach not bring hoards of highly qualified, motivated team members queuing up at your door? Come to LIVE to hear from David Lingham just what will create that queue.

Brand expert Johnny Barker is making the keynote presentation - and then we can start to manage and revolutionise the image of our industry at LIVE on August 24th

Well don't waste your time - who needs to learn new stuff and be inspired to change and improve their business? Yours couldn't be going any better could it?

Don't miss out - come and be inspired at LIVE this Friday.

Yes we're having a balloon debate where the audience votes for who is tossed overboard.

And we don't mean 5am gym-goers and yoga enthusiasts, we mean you!

Looking for reasons not to join us at LIVE in August? We've provided you with a few.

David McCarthy from Mercedes-Benz joins the line up of speakers for the Knowledge is Power event on 5 August.

Indago Digital MD of digital marketing wants to offer you the skills to survive in the disruptive automotive sector.

Tickets go on sale today for this great conference to inspire business owners and managers.