There are so many shops which go the extra mile for their customers, from giving flowers when handing over the car, giving vouchers, great customer facilities and keeping them informed during the repair. Does that sound like you? Then nominate yourself now.

Let's define customer - we mean the person who has their vehicle repaired at your business. We want to recognise a business that puts customers front and centre of everything they do.

What are we looking for?

Consistently exceptional customer service. Think carefully before nominating. Does this business really go the extra mile? Do they measure customer satisfaction? What sets them apart from a run-of-the-mill repairer? In order to be considered the nominee will have to fill out a Survey Monkey form detailing customer procedures and what they do that makes you stand out from the crowd.

We ask about...

  • Customer involvement in the business.EG: Customers are kept informed via phone, email, SMS, online tracking etc.
  • How do you manage complaints and compliments?
  • What steps have you taken to present your business brand? E.G Shop appearance, marketing etc.
  • Hand over procedures, eg do you have a dedicated areas and what is your process?
  • Customer relationship management. What do you do to keep in touch with customers after they have had their vehicle repaired? EG Facebook, special offers?
  • Service and process improvements - what have you implemented?
  • How have you developed and sustained a customer service culture in your business?
  • Employee recognition - what initiatives do you have in place?
  • What customer service training and development do you have in place?

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