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A whole new look on the green

Forget about old-fashioned, rickety golf carts and embrace the Mercedes-Benz Vision.

Macho, macho man. Get a macho pram.

What can be more manly than taking care of your own child? Pushing them around in a big, bad man-pram, apparently.

Custom wrecks

Miniature wrecks that look unloved, abandoned and totally realistic.

Two sides of the same coin

What do you mean you can't fix my car? You can't do any worse than my assessor!
Our regular insight over the other side of the fence by an insurance claims assessor.

Funny time at Wesfarmers

Wesfarmers Insurance introduced new national times guidelines in early April, taking many in the industry by surprise.

Californian Smash business makeover

Owners Ralph Petrone (left) and Rocky Leuzzi
Paint & Panel is orchestrating a business makeover of Californian Smash in Botany, Sydney. We will be following the shop's progress in the magazine and online throughout the course of 2014.

NSW premier officially opens PPG training centre

Stunning modern build
PPG held a grand opening ceremony for its state-of-the-art training centre in Eastern Creek, Western Sydney 30 October.

If you buy it they will come, right?

Adelaide bodyshop consultant Steve Formosa of Sup One Consulting asks repairers to think hard before making large investments in equipment they don't need.

Do you really need an aluminium bay?

Many shops are considering purchasing an aluminium bay or setting aside a curtained area for these repairs, but do you really need one? Paint & Panel asked leading spray booth suppliers for their opinions and some ball park costs.

Aluminium, the intrigue and the facts

I-CAR's Richard Pratt explores the myths about working with aluminium and the dangers of combustible aluminium dust, which is a health hazard.
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